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There are two ways to fix this issue in my case: Okay, completely out there answer from me.I was getting this error from a development environment hosted on VM Virtual Box. Additional Info: 64-bit version of SQL Enterprise Edition On Windows 2003 Server Another reason this might happen (just happened to me) ... I didn't realize this until I tried to remote into the actual server and was prompted to change my password.I guess that you have possibly 2 simultaneous conditions for this failure to happen: I had this issue for a server instance on my local machine and found that it was because I was pointing to with something other than "localhost" in my hosts file.You cannot make a system DSN with a UNC (\Server\resource), so you must map the drive Cute isn't it? I quit on ODBC and went via ADO, this is the code that works:=== CODE ===$db = '\\server\resource\db.mdb';$conn = new COM('ADODB.on Windows lets you create DSNs, check driver installation, and configure ODBC functions such as tracing (used for debugging) and connection pooling.I've been trying to connect to an Access database on a W2K on the network (not a local file, but mapped on the V: drive), via ODBC.All I got is this message: Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] '(unknown)' is not a valid path.

This project contains Integration Services samples created by the product team.Further, assume that c3 is computed using the formula ([c1] * [c2]).If large values (such as 9999) are entered into c1 and c2, then the computation of c3 might exceed the allowable INTEGER limit.You can have multiple connections open at once as long as they either use different db or different credentials.With some ODBC drivers, executing a complex stored procedure may fail with an error similar to: "Cannot open a cursor on a stored procedure that has anything other than a single select statement in it". Also, some drivers don't support the optional row_number parameter in As always Microsoft is clueless...An arithmetic overflow is caused by a calculated column value that exceeds the column's specified size.