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Why pee in the loo when its much more exciting to do it in the middle of a busy street or make a nice little golden pool right on the floor in the middle of living room!
In 2016, Fakih converted to Christianity from Shia Islam, and married Lebanese-Canadian music producer Wassim Slaiby known as Tony Sal.

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This relationship quickly ran its course when Joey's innate raw magnetism was overpowered by the fact that he had nothing in the way of intelligence or education, did not know the meaning of the word "acrimonious" (yet insisted on using it) and could not correctly identify left or right.

During the paleontology conference in Barbados, Charlie had to run discussion groups or work with Ross to prepare the keynote speech, during which Joey made a fool of himself by insisting on adding Star Wars material to the presentation.

​Since a friendship is supposed to be an interpersonal relationship that is considered to be more than just a simple passing association, there can be degrees of both friendships and associations. Research into the study of friends and friendship used to involve a variety of fields including sociology, psychology, and philosophy where social theories and relationship attachments were examined.

She first strikes up a relationship with Joey but ends up with Ross because they have more in common.

At the party, when Charlie talked about her former relationships with two Nobel Prize winners and a winner of genius grant, Ross's lack of confidence about his own level of intelligence lead to procrastination, allowing Joey (who has nothing to assert in the way of intelligence or academic achievements) to start a relationship with her.

Charlie and Joey dated during the next four episodes.

In the opening sequence, we first see Paul stealing a 1969 Plymouth Valiant with a single-piece front grill.

47 seconds later, he gets out of a 1968 Plymouth Valiant with a split front grill and a different license plate.