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Define intimidating witness

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Without that intent, there is no criminal intimidation.

Consider this: A particularly scary mugger would not be charged with intimidating a witness merely for making the victim apprehensive of reporting the crime; the mugger would need to have the intent to dissuade his victim from reporting the crime.

It is generally considered that intimidation is more likely to follow offences of violence, particularly domestic violence and vandalism.

According to the Department of Justice, the key difference between witness intimidation and other crimes is that the perpetrator has the intent "to discourage the victim from reporting a crime to police or cooperating with prosecutors." Intimidating a witness requires the offender to have the specific intent to coerce the witness or victim not to testify or report.In the magistrates' court, the maximum penalty is six months' imprisonment and/or a fine to the statutory maximum.In the Crown Court, the maximum penalty is five years' imprisonment and/or a fine.They act as an independent go-between for the victims or witnesses; helping them understand the questions they are being asked and assisting them in communicating their responses.The role of an intermediary is to facilitate communications without changing the substance of the evidence. (A) read as follows: β€œin the case of murder (as defined in section 1111), the death penalty or imprisonment for life, and in the case of any other killing, the punishment provided in section 1112;”.