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After 5 years living in China, I might have to begrudgingly be a mystery, but the opening up of the country and the way it has embraced good old hedonism has shown us just what good looking women the Chinese are and how adept they have become with dating sites.Were you worried about having an impressive resume for future job endeavors? Must have a good sense of humor, love to travel etc.Imagine having to create one to attract potential spouses, talk about stressful! Here you can expect a first date in the library, studying together. Well if you plan on entering the Chinese dating scene and do as the others do, you might want to reconsider those.As one game show contestant once said: “I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle.” Ever thought your parents were too involved in your dating life? However, just like in most of our cultures, the first impression is the most important one. Or, if you really want to impress them, apply for an internship. Parents and grandparents alike journey to People’s Square in Shanghai and take a seat, placing an umbrella with an advertisement-like flyer taped to it in front of them. The aim is to find a suitable match for your (grand)child, and the options for those looking are endless. No problem, Single’s Day is just around the corner!If your partners parents don’t like you, you’re out. November 11th (11/11) is national Single’s Day in China.

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Having been in Beijing more or less since July of 2010 (with frequent travel to other locales, of course), I've gotten pretty acquainted with the dating scene here in China.From China to the USA, boxes of heart shaped chocolates are already half-finished and bunches of red roses are starting to wilt – February 14th is officially over (phew! In last week's Anti-Valentine's Day post, I introduced some of the fun and stress that young Chinese people face during China's hyper-commercialized Valentine’s Day.This week, I'm introducing expressions that show the intense pressure placed on young Chinese people to find love and get married.Traditional attitudes of parents and relatives often view an unmarried person in their 30s as an embarrassment at best, and a disaster at worst.The weight of this burden is so big that the industry for “fake” boyfriends and girlfriends is booming in China.That's right, an unmarried Chinese person can pay a "fake" boyfriend or girlfriend to travel home with them for the holidays.